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Areas of Istanbul
Kağıthane is the one of the most central location of Europe Side and giving the access to the people all central points and landmarks easily.
From Kağıthane; you can reach Maslak&Vadistanbul Area only 5 min; Taksim,Sisli,Besiktas,Levent 10 min, Bosphorus Line, Oldtown and Belgrade Forest 15 min and the new Airport 20 min. Kağıthane hosts many international companies, metro lines which has direct access to new airport, 11 private universities and large city parks.
  • Highest price/effiency rate of the city.
  • So easy to find tenant especially for 1/2 bedroom apartments in hours.
  • Wonderful location for hotel management options.
  • Min 5% ROI.
The distirict is on the West of The new Istanbul Canal and has direct access to TEM Highway. In Bahçeşehir there are many well organized compunds with all type of facilities, green zone, full security that provide good atmosphere for families. Meanwhile, Bahçeşehir includes many international colleges.

  • Easy access to Canal Istanbul & Istanbul Airport.
  • Offers good conditions for families.
  • Easy to find tenants for large apartments.
  • Short distance to industrial zones.
Finding a tenant and getting good capital appreciation has positive correlation with population density.
Esenyurt population has been increasing rapidly for last 10 years and provide a friendly environment especially for immigrants. In the district, big developers are keep making big projects and we are expecting in the near future Esenyurt will improve the popularity.

  • Easy access to highways and public transport lines.
  • Reasonable price advantage and possible to buy more than one apartments with $400.000 value.
  • Easy to find tenant for 1 bedroom units in short period.
  • Has over 20% capital appreciation rate annually.
Beylikduzu & West Marina
Beylikdüzü also offers good atmosphere for families all around the World. The district both includes all tone of green & blue together. In recent years especially after West Istanbul Marina has opened, the value of apartments in Beylikdüzü has started to increase 20% annually on usd basis.
As EOS TURKEY Property, we are expecting that Beylikdüzü will keep and upgrade the position in the market in near future.

  • Includes many parks, shopping malls, event areas, the largest marina of Istanbul and 5* hotels.
  • Possibility to have full seaview apartment as $400.000.
  • Qualify multinational environment for families.
  • Availibility to study in language schools and private colleges.
Büyükçekmece is a district located on the western outskirts of Istanbul, Turkey. It is known for its natural beauty and proximity to the sea, as well as its modern infrastructure and well-developed real estate market.
The district is situated along the Marmara Sea and has a number of parks and green spaces, making it a great place to live for those who enjoy being outdoors.
In terms of real estate, Büyükçekmece has a wide range of properties available to suit different budgets and preferences.

  • located near major transportation routes, including the TEM Highway and the E-5 motorway
  • Natural beauty: Büyükçekmece is situated along the Marmara Sea, offering beautiful views and a variety of recreational activities
  • Modern infrastructure: Büyükçekmece has a well-developed infrastructure, including modern hospitals, schools, shopping centers, and cultural venues.Availibility to study in language schools and private colleges.
Basın Express Road
After surrounded new office and industrial buildings, Basın Express Road has started to be attraction center of investments. Today, over 60.000 people are working from different type of industries and it creates accommidation requirement around that area. Especially last 5 years, there have been building many top class residential compounds and as our forecast, the coming years it will be more and more.
Basın Express Road also includes many shopping mall such as Airport, Wedding World, Starcity, 212, Mall of Istanbul, Arenapark, Armonipark and many big sales stores of well known brands. Meanwhile, Basın Express Road the junction of major metro lines of Istanbul and it provides easy access even to Yalova.

  • In order to being business center; there will be endless residential demand.
  • Easy access to both Airports, Canal Istanbul, Olympic Stadium, industrial zones.
  • All type of units easy to rent from studio to 5 bedroom.
  • First in Istanbul of most number of projects developing right now.
Florya – Ataköy – Zeytinburnu Line
Since 19th Ceuntry, European Side Corniche have been symbol of high society, midpoint of green & blue and ideal place to live. Today, the best quality of the projects settled on this line and the area starts to host many new kind of entertaintment activities as well. Last 5 years, the investors have earned in this district over 2 times on usd basis and in our observation the district share the top position in Istanbul Real Estate Market with downtown area.

  • All projects have solid seaview.
  • Easy access to Grandbazaar, Asian Side, Ataköy Marina & entertaintment centers.
  • First class projects with high society.
  • Highest future value in the city.
As like all capital cities of World, Downtown of Istanbul offers people meanwhile access to shopping, fine dining, central business districts, historical places and entertaintment.
In Istanbul, the downtown area is a bit larger than other metropolitan cities. In the area, you can see different type of projects as high rise, low rise, mix use, stand alone, restoration etc. Last 5 years period, downtown projects provide 35% capital appreciation annually and as usual it will be most secure place for investors in near future.

  • Limited units as available for sale.
  • Short distance to landmarks.
  • High capital appreciation rates.
  • Getting multiple passport in one unit.
Sarıyer – Tarabya- Zekeriyaköy area has been invested rapidly in last 5 years period by government. The majors are 3rd Bosphorus Bridge, North Marmara Motorway and Istanbul Airport; but this North Istanbul District boomed after Covid – 19 pandemic; because most of the projects and flats offers to investors

  • Limited units as available for sale.
  • Short distance to landmarks.
  • High capital appreciation rates.
  • Getting multiple passport in one unit.
Atasehir – Umraniye
Istanbul International Finance Center is one of the biggest governmental investments ever built in Turkey. It includes 1.2 million square meters of office buildings, 100,000 square meters of shopping mall, 30,000 square meters of 5* hotels, and a large congress center. All the headquarters of governmental banks, financial institutions, Borsa Istanbul (Istanbul Stock Exchange), and many private banks and financial institutions will be there, with an estimated daily traffic of around 50,000 employees. Atasehir and Umraniye are surrounding the new Istanbul Finance Center, with direct access via highways and metro. There will be a huge demand for residence after the finance center is totally activated, and it will be the most attractive place for short- and long-term tenants.

  • 100% expected capital appreciation within 2 years as USD basis.
  • Expected ROI 6% in 2 years.
  • High quality facilities, malls, hotels.
  • Dubai effect in Istanbul
Beykoz – Riva
Beykoz area is another symbol of the Bosphorus, as well. It is surrounded by the Black Sea, North Istanbul Forest, and the Bosphorus Line at the same time. Turkey's biggest and oldest villa compound, the "Beverly Hills of Istanbul" Acarkent, was built here almost 30 years ago and still increases in value every day. At the same time, on the Bosphorus Line, Beykoz has many mansions, known as "Yalı" in Turkish.

  • Best place for high-life as family concept in Istanbul
  • Max 20 min accessibility to beach, Maslak&Levent Business Center, Riva Forests and more.
  • High class collages and universities.
  • Especially after North Marmara Highway and 3rd Bosphorus Bridge high capital appreciation.
Since the Ottoman Empire, Uskudar has always been the soul of Istanbul. Uskudar has been situated along the Bosphorus and includes beautiful neighborhoods such as Kuzguncuk, Beylerbeyi, Acıbadem, Cengelkoy, and Kandilli. It is mostly preferred by Turkish families, but in recent years, international families have started to move in. The reasons are the Bosphorus, green yards, high-quality international schools, direct access to bridges, and 5* shopping malls such as Emaar, Akasya, and Capitol.

  • Feeling real atmosphere of old & contemporary Istanbul same time.
  • Excellent location for transportation.
  • Direct access to Bosphorus and Istanbul International Finance Center.
  • One of the best place for families in the metropol.
Kadıkoy is the center of the Asian side and one of the most important landmarks and attractions of the metropolis. At the same time, it has many private and governmental universities, international companies, entertainment halls, stadiums, etc. Mostly, well-educated Turkish people, international students, and expat employees prefer to live here, and Kadıkoy has the biggest urban transformation area of Istanbul, Fikirtepe. There are many brand-new projects with high capital appreciation.

  • 100% occupancy rate in rental apartments.
  • Easy access to Europe Side by Bridges, Tunnel and ferry.
  • Short distance to the new Istanbul Finance Center, Baghdad Street & Boshphorus Line.
  • Timeless attraction and investment value.
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EOS Turkey Property with numbers:
  • 200+ worldwide partners.
  • 500+ brand new projects in Istanbul, Izmir, Bodrum, Dalaman, Antalya, Alanya & Mersin.
  • 100+ high efficient re-sell portfolio.
  • 35 overseas event and trip in 2,5 years.
  • 250 f2f meetings with B2B partners in CIS.
  • Completed 200+ immigration.
  • #1 agent for CIS Market in Istanbul in 2023.
  • Uncountable experience, priceless customer satisfaction.
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How do I get Turkey citizenship?
You may become a Turkish citizen if you purchase property in Turkey for a minimum amount of US$400,000.
Can I get a residence permit in Turkey if I buy a property in Turkey?
Every foreigner can receive a residence permit for 1 year (every year renewed with Tapu) until you sell your property.
What is EOS Turkey Property service fee on purchasing property?
We have unique partnership deals directly with construction companies, so therefore we do not charge any service fee on purchasing the property from our clients.
Who can buy property in Turkey?
All nationalities can buy property in Turkey except North Korea, Armenia, Nigeria, Cuba, Yemen, and Syria.

Do I need to get a residence permit in order to buy a property in Turkey?
No, you don’t need a residence permit to buy a property in Turkey!