Global mobility and visa-free travel opportunities are most viral topics today on international real estate investment and immigration marketing. Many of people from developing countries make Overseas invesments with this purpose in the globalizied world.

Investors who get Turkish Nationality, they would start to use their new passports on their international trips. Turkish citizens can travel 124 countries as visa -free or by getting e-visa. Most of Asian Countries, majority of Africa, South & Central America are easy visa-free procedure for Turkish People, but of course, most of passport holders would like to get as soon as possible to have access Schengen Zone, UK, USA and Canada. We’d like to describe now hints and key points to make this process much easier.
First of all, new passport holders should know that they will apply to these visas with their new nationalities as Turkish. Thats why their visa or financial backround of another nationality mostly doesn’t make any sense for visa process. For example, the applicant may have companies, assets, deposits in his/her mother country but as long as those are not in Turkey the consulate doesn’t consider during visa process coz those are considered assets in mother country and for first nationality.

In this point we are highly recommending the new applicants to transfer some of assets to Turkey, to Show those assets to consulate properly, if they have a company in their mother country open a branch in Turkey and have some activities on the new company.

Most of Turkish applicants are easy getting visa from those countries between 6 months to 10 years without any problem but as long as they show their backround in proper way.
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