We have covered the topic of investing in real estate in Turkey. It provides an in-depth analysis of the current market trends, potential profits, and the advantages of investing in Turkey over Dubai.


Lower lifestyle costs in Turkey compared to Dubai are an attractive benefit for investors. The cost of living in Turkey is considerably cheaper than in Dubai, with the cost of food, transportation, and other essentials. This means that investors can get more for their money, with the same quality of life at a lower cost.


Turkey offers a wide range of real estate investment opportunities, from luxury villas to apartments and commercial buildings.


Turkish real estate is experiencing a 40% capital appreciation in recent years, making it a lucrative investment option. This rate of appreciation is higher than that of Dubai, making it a more profitable investment. The market is supported by strong economic growth and increasing international demand, making it a safe and attractive option for investors.


Turkey's population is growing rapidly and the demand for real estate is increasing accordingly. With a residential population of 20 million and 25 million annual tourists, the inventory of real estate is becoming strained. This is impacting the property market and making it more difficult for people to find suitable living space. The government is working to create more housing and real estate options but the demand is still growing faster than new inventory can be supplied.


The government has implemented a program that allows foreign investors to purchase real estate and receive a resident permit, which then makes them eligible for free public health care. The quality of medicine in Turkey is high, with access to modern medical facilities, experienced doctors and excellent care. With the free medicine available, it is a great incentive to invest in real estate and get a resident permit.


Buying real estate in Turkey offers many advantages, including the opportunity to receive a residence permit, citizenship, and free public education. With a residence permit, you can study and work in Turkey, and with citizenship, you can travel throughout Europe. Free public education is available to all citizens, meaning access to quality, affordable education for your family.


Turkey is renowned for its active real estate market, and it is estimated that 95% of real estate buyers in the country are locals. This is due to the culture and active resale market, which encourages locals to invest in property. This is beneficial for foreigner investors because it means that the market is well-established and reliable, As a result, foreign investors can feel more confident and secure when investing in the Turkish real estate market.


Turkey has a very attractive citizenship-by-investment program, allowing foreign nationals to obtain Turkish citizenship in exchange for a real estate investment.

The main benefits of obtaining Turkish citizenship with a real estate purchase are as follows:

• Right to live, work and study in Turkey
• Access to visa-free travel to over 110 countries, including most of Europe and the Middle East
• Ability to open a Turkish bank account and invest in the local economy
• Access to quality healthcare and education
• Ability to purchase additional real estate in Turkey
• Potential to pass on citizenship to family members.

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