Turkish Government has been applying citizenship by investment program since January 2017. Early times till September 2018 the amount was min $1.000.000 USD for Property investment, than till June 2022 it was as min $250.000 USD. After this date till today it goes as min $400.000 usd and above, but in the market there are so much humours as with January 2024 the amount will goes as min $600.000 usd.
There are some another conditions to apply Turkish Nationality by Property investment as below:
1. Purchasing amount has to be transferred via bank to developer’s account.
2. This transferred amount has to be min $400.000. In case of installment sales, the downpayment amount has to be as min $400.000 usd to apply nationality. If the downpayment amount lower than $400.000 usd, the investor can apply the nationality after min amount completion.

3. For the all Property transactions in Turkey, there is mandatory expertise report which shows current market value of the Property according to govermental regulations and market facts. This amount in the sales value has to be min $400.000 or above. Today we will talk about this report and how it might effect investor’s immigration process if everything doesn’t apply in right way.

Till the beginning of December 2023, when a project as underconstruction in Turkey, the unit would have expertise report according to future value of the unit. For example, the unit in the center of Istanbul, 2 years to delivery date today’s value (as current position, under construction) $300.000, but in the same report expertise side highlights as $500.000 usd for the value of handover time and the immigration process would be approved by title deed office.

But after last regulations of Head of Title Deed and Cadastral Department of Turkey, the under construction units will be considered according to:
· The level of construction and the time to handover time.
· The reputation and brand power of construction company.
· The construction company’s previous projects and history.

· The current & future value and risks of the district.

The experts will deduct those factors from final value of the unit and the deduction amount cannot be 0 for any projects.
Important Remark: The govermental guarantee projects are exempt of this expertise report and for the nationality application for those kind projects has no risks.

We listed for the investors as below the most suitable and safest projects with basic informations , payment plan, handover date. For more details you can Contact with us.

Written by Mr.Ersin Oksuzoglu .Founder of EOS Turkey Property

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