There are some update’s in the citizenship process.

1- Now, residence permit must be obtained not only for the investor but also for his/her spouse. For this reason, your spouse will also need to come to Turkey for fingerprints before applying for residence.

2- Citizenship application can be made after the residence of the investor and his/her spouse is approved. The investor and his/her spouse must be present at the application office when the application is made.

3- The criminal record document required for the investor for citizenship application is now also required for the investor’s spouse.
4- When the investor and his/her spouse come to give fingerprints before the residence application, two ways can be followed:
First, you can leave the country after giving fingerprints. However, in this option, you will need to come to Turkey again to apply for citizenship after your residence is approved within 7-10 days. The second option is that you can stay in Turkey for 7-10 days after arriving for your fingerprints and have your residence approved and then apply for citizenship within the same time period. Therefore, you will not need to come to Turkey a second time.

Written by Mr.Ersin Oksuzoglu .Founder of EOS Turkey Property
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