Kadikoy Urban Renovation Center

Mina Tower


  • Project details:
  •  Status: Under Construction/December 2024
  •  Address: Kadıköy, Istanbul
  •  Price: from $ 369.200     
  •  İnstalment: No

For a happy living space ,first many truths should be together. Now in Fikirtepe, developing center of

Anatolian side of İstanbul, a very special living space project designed down to the last detail for an enjoyable life is raising.

The right place...

With a convenient location offering easy access to bridges, airport and Kadıköy - one of major centers

of İstanbul , and public transport facilities, Kadikoy Urban Renovation Center is located in the center of the city.

Furthermore, it offers a tranquil and peaceful living space focusing on efficient and correct use of the

land, energy and water, where you can see the sea from your window.

Good life...

At Kadikoy Urban Renovation Center comprising of 3 towers, each with 23 storeys, built on a land of 26.000 m2 in total, an

enjoyable life is waiting for you with outdoor and indoor swimming pools in each tower, as well as

fitness, spa, steam rooms, walking parkour, playground and shopping facilities enabling you to meet

all your needs without going away from your home.

You will never drift away from city or nature in Kadikoy Urban Renovation Center.


  • Swimming pool
  • Warehouse
  • Gardens
  • Play grounds
  • Gym
  • Security
  • Garage
  • Elevator
  • Saouna
  • Jacouzy
  • Turk Hamam
  • Child playground
  • Restaurant
  • Near by metro



Amenities: Child playground

Amenities: Gym

Amenities: Security

Amenities: Elevator

Amenities: Garage

Amenities: Saouna

Amenities: Jacouzy

Amenities: Turk hamam

Amenities: Restaurant

Type: Emerging District

Location: Kadıköy, Istanbul

Status: Under construction

Instalment: Unavailable

Rooms: 1+0

Rooms: 2+1

Rooms: 3+1

Rooms: 4+1