Litus İstanbul

Litus İstanbul


Under the skin of the quality life vision, reflected by Litus signature; there is a promise of a luxury life with its distinguished location, unique and modern architecture, social facilities and materials, whose every square meter has been woven delicately.
We present exclusive living area experiences in Litus Istanbul, that serves to the innovative real estate understanding with the mission of adding value to the buildings, regions where they are located with their quality, safety and investment values.
In this approach, where we undertake the role of converting your living area dreams to the reality, we also focus on the spiritual dimension of the residents, who will live in these areas, beside the physical nexpressions of the buildings, we design.
We are planning luxurious living areas that respond to the high life standards, surrounded with a designed architectural details to create an area where the owners live in an interactive manner and in an atmosphere, surrounded with a green contexture, where you will be able to enter by stepping
on the earth. Explore the real definition of luxury with our integrated architectural concept, in which we have brought functional planning and unlimited aesthetic of Litus Istanbul into the life.
“The bridge between Europe and Asia “

  • Project details:
  • Status: Under Construction/AUGUST 2024
  • Address: Üsküdar, Istanbul
  • Price: from $ 1.075.500 
  • İnstalment: No


  • Swimming pool
  • Warehouse
  • Gardens
  • Play grounds
  • Gym
  • Security
  • Garage
  • Elevator
  • Saouna
  • Jacouzy
  • Turk Hamam
  • Child playground
  • Restaurant
  • Near by metro



Amenities: Child playground

Amenities: Gym

Amenities: Security

Amenities: Elevator

Amenities: Garage

Amenities: Saouna

Amenities: Jacouzy

Amenities: Turk hamam

Amenities: Restaurant

Type: Downtown apartment

Location: Üskudar, Istanbul

Status: Under construction

Instalment: Unavailable

Rooms: 2+1

Rooms: 3+1

Rooms: 3.5+1

Rooms: 4.5+1

Rooms: 5+1

Rooms: 5+2